RTG Casinos 2019

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$520 Bonus
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3.8 rating
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$2000 Bonus
On Sign Up
4.8 rating
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4.0 rating

RTG, which is the abbreviation of Realtime Gaming, is an online casinos software which operates within a huge range of casinos. They operate in casinos around the world and have a market for players of online casinos in the US. They are one of the best online casino software’s that we have come across, due to their excellent casino games that they offer players, in order to give them the ultimate gaming experience. Here, you can find a range of the best RTG casinos.

Best RTG Casinos in the US

As we mentioned before, RTG are one of the best and most favoured casino developers that we have in the industry, hence why there is so much popularity surrounding them. Due to their excellence, they are included in a lot of online casinos across the globe and also specifically in the US gambling industry.

Due to there being a lot of US casinos that offer RTG games, it means that there is tough competition as to which one’s players should be registering with. This is why we suggest the best ones, which are in the eyes of our professionals and other players. Of course, it depends on your tastes and preferences, that is why we base it on a range of features and aspects.

Realtime Gaming were founded back in 1998, which means that they are a very experienced and competitive software developer, experienced enough to understand what customers want and what games could make them very competitive. In recent years, they have shot up massively and become one of the most recommendable gaming software, due to the quality of their games and content.

It is not just the games themselves that RTG do excellently, the management of the casinos that they have and the stuff which goes on behind closed doors is also very efficient. This is what keeps the casinos under control and keeps customers happy. In 2007, RTG was bought by Hastings International, a huge firm, which are a subsidiary of HBM Group. This has allowed the software to expand onto more licensed casinos, so that more customers can experience their games.

RTG Software

The software that Realtime Gaming runs off and provides to customers is one of the best that we have experienced at US online casinos. There are many perks to it, which include the speed and practicality of it. The software is hassle free and you can download it if you wish, however it is not a must need in order to play their instant-play games at the casinos.

On the software, what you will get, is a lot of key details that you would be able to find at a typical online casino. It gives you a more specified gaming experience. You get to see the rules of all the games, the limits in terms of bets, the monitoring of transactions which include deposits and withdrawals, and more.

The RTG software is extremely safe and secure, it is monitored with the 128-bit encoding and SSL encryption, which allows customers to be safe online and none of the personal details are exposed to hackers. Safety is vitally important when it comes to online casinos and this kind of reassurance will encourage players to play.

If you are using the instant play software, you will need to download the flash version software, which will be a quick and easy download on the browser that you are using. This is on a Windows device, Mac or Linux.

RTG Games

RTG casinos are often flooded with excellent games for customers to play, to ensure that they are not bored. They have hundreds of different games for customers to experience, most of them being online slots. RTG are most famous for their real series. This is basically the spine of a set of casino games, which are built using different machines, but through the same process, but also have different features in terms of graphics, bonuses, content and more.

These casino games have different themes, if we look specifically at slot games, one aspect of slot games that RTG are experts at, is producing progressive jackpot slots, which are the most rewarding types of slot games in terms of bonuses. Some of their biggest jackpot slots include: Megasaur, Jackpot Pinatas, Crystal Waters, Wild Wizards.

It is not just slot games that RTG produce. In order to be one of the most competitive slot developers in the industry, you have to attack the market from every angle and be as broad as possible, that is why they also offer a range of table games for players to enjoy. Some of the table games that RTG software have created include blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, poker, rummy and red dog. Not to mention that there are also different variations of these games, which include different types of roulette. These variations have different rules.

There are a lot more games to be experienced at these casinos. It does not just mean that it has to be RTG software and games at these casinos, there might be more games by other developers available. This will improve your gaming experience as there are a lot of other highly recommendable and competitive developers out there.

RTG Mobile

All of the games and casinos that we are able to play, by RTG, are also available on mobile devices. You can access the games and casinos on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and more mobile platforms. Some of the casinos come with official mobile apps, which means that you can use the local app stores on the mobile platform to download the app, giving you more immediate access to the games and casino itself. If there is not an official mobile app, there will be a mobile site version which you can find using the search internet browser. In the same way, you can access games, bonuses and more.

Mobile gambling is a lot more convenient to a great deal of players, due to the fact that it is more immediate, and you are able to access your favourite casino games anywhere, at any time. The quality of gaming can also be better, depending on what mobile device, and also what desktop device you have, this is something you should potentially consider. The graphics can be very sharp, and the loading speeds may be faster. The mobile apps can also integrate the features of the mobile device, to make it more user friendly.

Reputation of RTG

RTG has a bit of mixed feelings and opinions in the online gaming industry. RTG themselves, we feel are an excellent choice of games developers and they produce some great content for players. They feature at so many casinos, which is a good thing as it means there are lots of platforms to access their games on. The downside to this, in some people’s eyes, is that because some of the casinos they are featured in, have not a great reputation, it means that this can then conflict with what we think of RTG. They are willing to allow casinos to use their games. But don’t think that just because some people do not like the casino, it means that it is the fault of RTG because that is not the case.

The software that RTG have created is excellent and this is what gives them a good name and makes players want to play their games. Although slots are a heavy focus for most developers, they go further than that and have a range of other games, like table games. This is an all-round excellent developer that we would recommend, that is why we offer the list of RTG casinos for customers to choose from, to experience RTG casino games.