BetSoft Casinos 2019

Get up to:
$1,000 Bonus
On Sign Up
3.5 rating
Get up to:
$1,000 Bonus
On Your First Deposit
3.8 rating
Get up to:
$300 Bonus
On Your First Deposit
4.3 rating
Get up to:
$750 Bonus
On Your First Deposit
3.8 rating

Betsoft are one of the biggest software providers in the online casino industry. There are a lot of different software developers to choose from that all excel in different ways, with their different features and the different games they offer. However, it is software developers like Betsoft that really stand out. Here are some of the best Betsoft casinos in the US for you to register with.

Best Online Casinos with Betsoft Software

There are a lot of online casinos that include the Betsoft software. This is due to the fact of how popular it is and how they are a dominant feature in the industry today. They are highly competitive and have a lot to offer their customers. In this guide, you will be able to find the best Betsoft casinos, as well as what Betsoft can offer players, to give them the ultimate gaming experience. These Betsoft games come with some exceptional graphics and slot features. One feature that they are most renowned for is the 3D slot games.

As well as accessing the Betsoft casinos that you see in our list, you can also try the free play mode of the games that they have to offer, this will give you the chance to experience them, see how they work and see whether or not these are games that you would want to continue playing in the future. It is not just 3D slot games that they thrive in, they offer games with a range of different themes, which include jackpots and more.

Betsoft was founded in 1999, which means that they have years of experience, and have been able to improve their expertise to the level that they are now. When they first started, they certainly were not as recognised as they are today. It was not until they released their 3D slots range, until publicity for them grew severely. This made them massively unique and rocketed them up to be considered on of the best software developers for slots. In recent years, they have also massively expanded and have begun to target markets that once didn’t allow you to gamble legally, specifically the US gambling market.

Betsoft Games

Betsoft offer a wide range of casino games for customers to enjoy. It is their slot games which they are most famous for. There Slots3 collection is what has shaken the industry the most, you don’t even need 3D glasses to enjoy these slot games, instead, Betsoft have imaginative animations that allow you to experience the games in 3D.

There are over 50 different 3D slot games for players to play by Betsoft. Each of these games come with their own innovative features and characters. There are different themes to enjoy, Betsoft have even manage to intertwine old with the new, creating traditional classic slot games with 3D effects.

Betsoft also offer a range of free casino games to play. These free games are excellent, they have high quality graphics and features. They are good to try out to get experience on them and see how they work, for if you then decide to play for real money afterwards, you will already have an idea of what to expect.

It is not just slot games that Betsoft offer you to play, there are a range of other popular casino games to be played. These games include table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more. Don’t forget the different variations of these games as well, like American roulette, which is different from the European roulette version. Other games include Craps, scratch cards, bingo, Keno and poker.

Betsoft do not leave any stones unturned, they also offer Mini Games for you to play. These min games are great little additions to drive you away from the typical casino games that you are used to playing, giving you that little bit extra. These are free to play and require no download, all of these games can be played at the range of Betsoft casinos that you can find above in our list.

Mobile Slots

The casino market has shifted massively now that mobile technologies have advanced. The convenience of mobile gambling has led more and more customers to use their mobile to play their favourite casino games. It means that you can play them anywhere, at any time on the go. Most players in the US will use their smartphones or tablet devices to play Betsoft slot games. It was in 2012 that Betsoft created its ToGo platform, for mobile gambling.

Thanks to this platform, customers can enjoy all of the Betsoft mobile slot games on their devices. The Betsoft Slots3 is the most popular collection of slot games and these can also be enjoyed on the platform. The effects and graphics can also be enjoyed on mobile devices, as long as the device you are using can comply with these specs. The latest mobile devices could potentially have better specifications and graphics than your desktop device and therefore will be a better play. Betsoft games work on iOS, Android, Windows and more.

Some of the best Betsoft mobile slot games that we recommend to players include: The Slotfather, Viking Age, Mamma Mia, Arrival, Slots Angels and more.

Top 3 Betsoft Casino Bonuses

With there being so many different Betsoft casinos to choose from, and a lot for them to offer in terms of a betting experience, it means that it is difficult to choose which casino is in fact the best suited for you. One way in which you could decide this, is by narrowing down the options in terms of what one of the most important features of a casino is, which is the bonus.

  1. Leo Vegas

This is an excellent choice of casino that offers a range of games to play, over 900 slot games to endure. This casino is very experienced and has been around since 2011. The welcome bonus that you can claim when you register entails up to $1000! This will certainly kick start your casino account off in the write way and is an excellent place to begin, giving you the funds, you need to experience a range of the Betsoft games.

  1. Rich Casino

This is another excellent choice of casino. This is one of the oldest casinos that will offer Betsoft software and games. This casino has been around since 2002, meaning that it is an experienced and popular casino that can offer you a great gaming experience. There are over 200 slot games to play, if that isn’t enough to persuade you, then maybe the welcome bonus might be? You can claim up to a whopping $2700 in bonus funds, to spend on the excellent Betsoft slots, which include their collection of 3D slot games.

  1. Dunder Casino

This is a casino that we love to recommend to our players. Dunder casino has excellent reviews and ratings, with customers loving their games, which is no surprise when there is over 900 slot games to choose from. This is a newer casino in comparison to the others, having been established since 2016. Their bonus mixes with both cash funds and free spins, which if you are a slots fanatic, then you are getting the best of both worlds. The welcome bonus for this offer includes $600 in cash, as well as 200 free spins. These free spins can be used on the slot games and are a great opportunity to reel in a win.

There are a range of other online casinos, as you can see from the list, which offer a lot more bonuses and games for you to play. It can be down to your tastes and preferences as to what casino is best for you.


Betsoft operate with instant play casino games, which means that there is no downloadable software for you to need. This is massively more beneficial to you as a player as it means that you can instantly play the casino games hassle free, you do not have to wait for the software to download in order to be able to access the games. So as soon as you log in, you can play freely.

All of the games are browser based, so you can play a lot of games immediately, and they do not taker up any storage space, the same rules apply for mobile games. Betsoft are beginning to offer their games to markets where gambling is a rough subject and where there is an audience for their games but also an audience that are against gambling. In fairness, this could affect the image and reputation of Betsoft. We are talking specifically about the US market, where it can be a bit of a grey area, however, do not let this take away the fact that they do an excellent job at entertaining customers with their games.

Betsoft Casinos FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions in relation to Betsoft and the casinos that have Betsoft software included within them.

Are Betsoft casinos reliable and safe?

Yes, there is no need to worry about Betsoft casinos and whether they are safe and reliable. All of the Betsoft casinos that you find at Casinos Corner, are safe and reliable, you can certainly trust them. All of the casinos are licensed under a gambling commission, which means that they are safe and secure, and also, they abide by the laws of the gambling commissions, which ensure the safety of customers and they personal/ banking information.

The casinos also have data protection software’s included, so that hackers can not access player accounts. This is using the SSL encryption and other forms of verification.

What games do Betsoft offer?

If we listed every single game that they offer, we would definitely be here for a while, so instead, we can look at the types of games that they offer. Betsoft are mostly known for their slot games, so as you could expect, they offer a wide range of slot games. These games include different themes, their best theme being 3D slots.

Aside from slot games, they also host a lot of different table games, which include: Roulette, Blackjack, Rummy, Poker, Red Dog, Craps, Pai Gow, and other games. There are also variations of these games which have a range of different rules.

Do Betsoft offer bonuses?

All Betsoft casinos offer bonuses and promotions, it is not Betsoft who regulate these, it is the casinos themselves. This is where you will need to resort to the specific casinos to see exactly what you can claim. Some will be more rewarding than others and offer more bonuses, so if this is what you are after, then be on the lookout for these. You can see what welcome bonuses are on offer from our list.

Who has the best bonuses?

This is in the eyes of the players. It depends on your specific tastes and preferences. If you are a slot player, then you may be more tempted towards a bonus that consists of free spins, or one that is free spins and bonus funds. If you like games similar to poker, and other table games, then you may be tempted towards the higher deposit, higher bonus fund rewards.

How many slot games are powered by Betsoft?

The value of this could change due to Betsoft releasing new casino games, however, to give a rough idea, there are around 150 different slot games at this present time. This is an excellent number of games to be able to experience. These games are by a top developer and that means that there is a lot to like about them and a lot of fun to be had.

How many casinos include Betsoft games?

Similar to how many slot games Betsoft have, this number is constantly on the rise and is never a fixed amount. But what we can say, is there are around 160 casinos that either run on Betsoft software or include Betsoft games. As new casinos enter the market, we can expect to see this increase.