Payment Methods

The payment methods in which an online casino can offer you are massively important. As a player, you want to be able to choose between a range of different payment methods. At Casinos Corner, you are able to find a range of different payment methods and casinos that accept these payment methods. You are then able to find the perfect casino for these methods.

Online Casino Payment Options 2019

Online banking at one point was seen as a risking business that people were not willing to trust as you can not physically see the seller and there was suspicion over how safe it was and whether or not hackers can access your account.

Now, it is seen as one of the most trusted and quickest way of making a transaction. Over the years, we have seen some excellent improvements to online transaction, to make it the efficient payment option that it is today. The convenience of online banking is really what has encouraged people to use it and trust it. The fact that you no longer have to head to the bank to make a transaction and you can simply process one within the click of a button, proves for obvious reasons why it makes more sense to bank online.

You can sometimes predict exactly what payment methods are going to be accepted by the casino. For an experienced and popular online casino, you can predict that the payment method options will include: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and then also some others. There are some sites that include more niche payment options, you can see these methods listed below.

Credit Card & Debit Cards & Prepaid Cards

There are a range of different credit cards and debit cards that nearly all casinos accept. This is the most popular form of payment due to how easy it is to use and the fact that most customers use cards to do online shopping. Also, a lot of people that use this method do not understand how e-wallets and prepaid cards work.

The most common debit/ credit card is Visa. They have managed to maintain their status at the top of the payment method market. The main advantage is the fact that it is the most accepted payment methods. It is also one of the only methods that you can use in order to claim bonuses. Most e-wallets and other methods are not allowed to be used to claim bonuses, so customers have to resort to debit/credit cards and then continue to use them once claiming the bonus.

Mastercard is another company in this category that is widely accepted just like Visa. It is in fact their biggest rivals. It is a very reliable method of payment and is so easy to use. You can have your Mastercard in front of you and simply enter in what is written on the card. You do not have to bother remembering log in details or messing around with other websites like you do with e-wallets. You can just simply confirm the transaction and it is there.

The final debit/ credit card that we often see, especially in US casinos is American Express. This payment option is not one that is accepted by a lot of casinos in comparison to Visa and Mastercard, this is because of the strict rules they have enforced in regards to gambling in America.

In terms of prepaid cards, there are a few different options. There is Paysafecard, which is widely accepted, mainly across Europe and it can be topped up in some stores. It means that you do not have to use your card details, you can even pay with cash to top up the card and then you enter in the code on the card into the casino. EntroPay is another payment method that implements this.

E-Wallet Online Casino Payment

For good reason, PayPal are the most popular type of e-wallet that is accepted at a casino. You can find PayPal listed in most online casinos and it is so easy to use and manage. PayPal is one of the most trusted e-wallets in the industry and is the leading payment option on eBay. We recommend PayPal as a form of payment method, especially if you are worried about exposing your card details to a casino, because it is a very safe and secure method of payment.

Neteller are also a global success as an e-wallet. They are accepted across a wide range of casinos, sports books and poker rooms. Neteller is not as commonly used as it used to be as people are finding better alternatives, like PayPal. It is a great option to use when worrying about the safety of these payment methods, due to the fact that you do not expose any of your card details to the casinos themselves. Neteller like to focus more on the US gambling market than ay other market and they are a very interesting form of payment method, which you could possibly consider.

EcoCard is a very popular payment method that is used especially in Canada. It accepts a range of currencies and you can easily deposit funds into your EcoCard and then into your casino account. The same with withdrawals. Under the same group, we also have ecoPayz, there are 45 different currencies that they accept, and it is a really fast and reliable payment option, one of our top recommendations.

Other e-wallets that you might want to use can include PayNearMe, PayForIt and MyCitadel. PayNearMe works in a similar way to prepaid cards, in the sense that you can deposit with cash in some stores and use it online to fund your account. PayForIt, also known as Pay by Phone is an innovative idea that allows you to pay using your phone bill. This can be extremely convenient as it protects your financial information and it is quicker than having to type in your banking information. MyCitadel is not as popular as the other e-wallet methods but is still highly recommendable, it operates in the same way as most others.

Bank Transfer Payment Methods

Bank transfers are one of the least common methods of transaction when it comes to online casino payment. They are easy to use but are just not that common. They aren’t as widely accepted either. When they are accepted, the usual options tend to be Wire Transfer, eCheck, InstaDebit, iDeal, Bitcoin. All of these online casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their platform. Some provide large deposits and withdrawals too.

How Fast Can You Withdraw Winnings?

Withdrawal speeds is a very important factor of online casinos and it is the aim of casinos and payment providers to make these speeds as fast as possible, so that customers can have their funds as soon as, which will increase their chances of using that payment method again.

Different payment methods have different withdrawal speeds. Some are faster than others and are therefore preferred by customers. Some payments are so fast that you can have the money in your account within a matter of minutes. Where as other methods have more levels of security and therefore you cannot receive the funds for days, examples are methods like credit cards and debit cards, which can take a while due to the levels of security from the banks. They have to process and confirm each payment that is made to the account.

Online Casino Payment FAQS

What are the fastest payment methods?

In terms of deposits, there is not a method that is faster than another, all the methods that casinos accept, deposit immediately and instantly. So as soon as you confirm the transaction, the money is there, ready to play with. In terms of withdrawals, the time for this to be processed and complete can be a little bit longer. Different methods have different withdrawal times, it tends to be e-wallets who do in fact have the fastest withdrawal times, where in some cases, the money can reach your account instantly, but on other occasions, it may be a few hours of days. Whereas the other methods, like card payments, will be at least a few days due to the bank confirmation.

Do I need to own a credit card or debit card?

No, there are payment options that the casinos accept, which you can use without having to have a credit or debit card. These methods include “Pay by Phone”, where you pay using your phone bill, or any of the prepaid cards, which can be topped up in local stores.

Which are more safe and secure?

All of the payment methods that we suggest to you are safe and secure. The payment methods themselves have barriers of security and so do the casinos. However, if you are still worried about this and want to be able to see which methods could possibly give you the most ease of mind, then e-wallets or prepaid cards would be the best option.

How are winnings paid?

Winnings are generally paid back into your account using the method that you originally used to deposit. However, if the casino does not allow you to withdraw using the method that you have been able to deposit, then you will have to choose an alternative.

Does where I live affect my choices?

In some cases, yes. Different states and different countries have their own laws and regulations, especially when it comes to gambling, which means that the services and online casino payment options, may well be affected and not accepted at certain casinos in your area.

What should I do if I am experiencing a payment issue?

The best thing to do is take a look at the casino help page. There will be different options in which you can take in order to get this sorted. There will be a list of FAQs where you could easily find your answer, if this is no help then you can get in contact with a member of team using their support options, these options can typically include live chat, email and also telephone support.