New Jersey sees further growth in casino, online gaming and sports betting revenue

People in the New Jersey gambling industry will be very happy at the moment and this is because of the jaw-dropping statistics in terms of their overall betting revenue that have been announced.

It was announced that the total gaming revenue for the month of November had gone up to 19% year-on year in New Jersey to a whopping $305 million.

It has clearly been a great month for the state of New Jersey as their overall gaming revenue was boosted by a brilliant 7% growth in casino win to an astonishing $224 million!

It was also announced that internet gaming done very well too as it rose a crazy 82% to $26,9 million whilst the sports betting wagering gross revenue went up 55% to get to a mind-blowing $32,9 million.

So in total, New Jersey’s gaming revenue for 2019 has gone up 20% and the overall amount is a crazy $3.18 billion. Casino wins generated a 8% which contributed $2.48 billion – quite easily the most important portion bit of overall revenue for New Jersey.

The biggest rise was internet gaming win which went up 61% and added up to a whopping $433.4 million. Sports betting is massive in New Jersey and the revenue is currently at $270 million however this will certainly increase over the next couple of months for sure.

New Jersey and New York were recently compared by online gaming experts to analyze the difference in gambling stats between the 2 and even though it is still early days for New York, the results show that New Jersey are doing miles better when it comes to revenue and the Garden State are on track to maintain this success too.

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