MGM Resorts partners with Osaka on RFP Process

It may be a few years until the Japan government decide to approve three communities to get integrated resort license however it may come as news to you to find out that a few cities are now deciding to get their plan together. It has been confirmed that Osaka are very eager to get the license done properly and MGM Resorts shall partner with them in the development side of things for their request of proposal process.

Osaka city officials have said that they plan to get the whole process done by the middle of 2020 and this will mean putting together a schedule of partners who are private in order to help out with the project which they hope will be done quickly.

Osaka are now choosing to move forward with their plans by including the MGM resorts within the RFP process which makes them one of their first actual official partners. Orix Corporation who are a Japanese financial services group have said they will be partnering with Osaka for the process too.

An MGM Japan spokesperson released a statement on the matter which read ““MGM and Orix – along with [other] companies that have strong bases in Kansai and Osaka forming the consortium – will create a strong partnership and realize an authentically-Osaka/Kansai IR that will disseminate the appeal of Osaka and Kansai to the world.”

The spokesperson also said “The IR will offer authentic Kansai/Osaka/Japanese experiences to foreign tourists. We will help promote and further revitalize the Japanese tourism industry by making the Osaka IR the entry point to tourism to Japan.”

Developers set the target of June 2020 for the resort to be completed by as they wanted it to be open for the 2025 world expo however there are a few concerns with deadlines and other issues which may possibly play a part. Having said this, the people involved in the project seem confident and they have stated that they think the whole project will be done in time for the 2025 world expo.

There are currently several different cities who are seeking licenses from Japan. The main city is Osaka as you know however the other cities also include Chiba, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Wakayama and Kitakyushu City.

It has been announced that the ministry of land infrastructure, transport and tourism shall begin to accept proposals around January 2021 whilst the closing date will be in July 2021.

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