Google Plan to Remove Online Casino Advertising Ban in US

Google has set plans to remove online casino advertising ban in the US. This plan is to be implemented by 2020. The policies around casinos and advertising online casinos are changing due to the popularity and evolution of gambling in USA. Google have come to the decision that they want to get rid of the ban on the industry and therefore online casinos will be allowed to publicly advertise their online casino on Google in the US, for USA customers to see.

The US gambling market is growing rapidly as it is becoming more legalised in the states. There are still some states where gambling is illegal, but with progress like this from Google, it seems that more states will consider legalising it.

The changes are due to that within the first few months on 2020. In states like New Jersey, Nevada etc, online casino advertising is still banned, although residents have been allowed to access online casinos in those states since 2012. Google’s plan will affect these states, as it will become legal for advertisements to be presented to these customers in these states. It was only a matter of time before this was to happen, as advertising in sports betting and also state-run lottery is allowed in places like Nevada, West Virginia and New Jersey, it is just casino ads that aren’t. Therefore, it is no surprise that Google has set to change this so that all forms of gambling ads are allowed.

It was June of 2019 when Google removed the ban for sports betting ads on their search engine in New Jersey. This meant that operators could apply for Google AdWords, as long as they have licensing in New Jersey.

Last year, Google had already started altering their laws and adapting them to make these types of ads more accessible to customers. In 2018, the US Supreme Court granted particular states the legalisation of sports betting, then as soon as this was accepted, Google changed their laws regarding sports betting advertisements. Then in 2019, they started to alter their laws regarding casino ads, based on the fact that gambling as a whole across the US is becoming legalised, especially with casino betting, therefore it makes sense to follow the same process.

There are rumours that Google will not legalise gambling ads across the whole US market, there will still be some states that will not have these ads appearing on the search engine. It is in places such as Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Indiana, Montana that will not allow any form of gambling ads. This was the ban that was removed last year on Nevada, New Jersey and other states. It is not just the US casino market that is having this impact and there are other places around the globe that Google are removing gambling ad bans.

Mr Harrison, who is the Vice President and general manager of Google, explained the fact that Google is not wanting to become a gambling company and enter that industry, they simply just want to continue their role as an advertising partner.

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