First Casino in Virginia approved after the Norfolk City Council vote passes

In a massive new move for the Virginia gaming industry, the Norfolk City Council have agreed for there to be a brand-new casino worth more than $700 million on the city’s waterfront. This exciting agreement has taken the gaming industry by storm and it means that Norfolk have become the very first city in the state of Virginia to give the green light to a casino project.

The vote for this awesome prospect was 7-1 by the council and it means the sale of land on the waterfront to the world-renowned Pamunkey Tribe was approved. The land which is 13.25 acres will be on a 5-year lease for a whopping $10 million and we are sure that all this land will be put to good use with the development of this awesome casino!

Norfolk’s New Look Casino:

Even though the Casino has not been developed yet, the plans for it sound immense and from the what we have found out, this casino sounds like it is going to become one of the best casinos in the world!

Plans at the moment include a grand waterfront casino which has more than 225 table games and 4000 slots! In addition to this there will be a hotel with 500 luxury rooms, 5 restaurants and an epic entertainment venue with a capacity of 750 seats complete with a spa. Now I have to say that this sounds like quite a stupendous project which is certainly going to put the state of Virginia on the gambling map for sure!

City officials have predicted that this multi-million-dollar casino will attract more than 7 million visitors every single year as well as a jaw-dropping revenue of $824 million! The majority of visitors will probably come from local areas however the geographical location of Norfolk will infact make this casino a very appealing destination for those who choose to cross the border from North Carolina.

Even though everyone who is involved in this project has got big hopes and plans for the site, nothing has actually been confirmed as of yet. Matter of fact, the deal which has been approved by Norfolk City Council includes less extravagant plans for a small facility that has around 700 slots, 25 table games and a hotel with 150 rooms.

At the end of the day, there is always going to be speculation however it is fair to say that the plans on the final development will all come down to what steps the casino decided to take.

There may be a request for the federal government to make the land a part of the Pamunkey reservation lands as it would allow a tax-exempt casino which makes yearly payments to the city however this may not end up being the case if the General Assembly agree to approve casinos that are commercial which lead to the development path being significantly easier.

First Virginia Casino Draws Support:

Plenty of city councillors have supported the idea for the casino and the benefits that it could have on the local due to the employment prospects, tourism and revenue too. A large amount of people also spoke highly of the tribe because of the willingness they have shown to cover the costs of development which includes investments in terms of infrastructure.

Marvin Pervis, a local resident spoke of the inconvenience he faces when travelling to Delaware and Maryland to go to casinos.

” Why should I be spending my money in these other places when I could spend it here? This city needs this casino,” Pervis is quoted as saying. “If you’re Christian, go to church. I’m 83 years old and I love to live.”

The chief of Pamunkey Tribe, Robert Gray was very impressed with the willingness of the city to engage in such a fabulous project and this is what he had to say.

 “Our shared excitement for this resort and our common goal of making this a world-class tourist destination has given me great confidence that this partnership will be a winning combination,” Gray said. “Our team has enjoyed working with city staff and council to bring forth an exciting plan that’ll benefit tribal members as well as the citizens of Norfolk and surrounding communities.”

Andria McClellan, who is the lone opposing vote, wanted to delay the vote and this is what she said. “I have too many unanswered questions to consider an undertaking that will bind the city forevermore,” she said, according to the Virginian-Pilot.”

In 2016 the federal government recognised the Pamunkey tribe and they cleared the way for the group to start the whole process of applying for a casino in Norfolk.

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