New Online Casinos 2019

4.5 rating
Get up to:
$1,000 Bonus
On Sign Up
3.8 rating
Get up to:
$1,000 Bonus
On Sign Up
3.5 rating
Get up to:
$5,000 Bonus
Over 3 Different Bonuses
3.5 rating
Get up to:
$8,888 Bonus
On Your First Deposit + 350 Free Spins
3.5 rating
Get up to:
$5,000 Bonus
On Your First
3 Deposits
4.3 rating
Get up to:
100% Bonus
With no maximum bonus amount
3.5 rating
Get up to:
$800 Bonus
On Your First Deposit
4.3 rating
Get up to:
50 Free Spins
1 for every $1 deposit
1 Free Spin credited for every $1 deposit. Up to 50 Free Spins valued at $0.10 each on Book.
6 games
4.0 rating

New online casinos are constantly being released into the market. Here at Casinos Corner, we have the best new casinos in the US for you to take a look at and register with. Our team of professionals have identified new trends and casinos that are offering these new trends, so that you can have a fresh and unique casino experience.

Best New Online Casino

As well as showcasing to you the best new casinos in the USA for 2019, we also have a guide, written below, for you to learn all about new online casinos and what to look for when it comes to finding the best new USA casinos.

Guide to New US Casinos

New online casinos tend to come with the finest design and technology, with up to date features. This what a lot of online customers want to be experiencing. These aspects of a casino can massively effect hoe you play and how much you enjoy the online site.

This is the same for any other market, your experience with a product or service is going to be different if the 2 you are comparing, are using different features, tools, ideas and designs. Phones are a perfect example, a brand-new iPhone will provide a better, cutting-edge technology experience than one that is 10 years old. As players, it is important to be in search for the next best thing, a fresh and surprising experience, this is exactly what brand-new casinos can give you. New casinos are similar in this aspect, so it is useful to keep on top of this and be aware of what new online casinos are offering compared to the existing casino you are registered with.

Just because there are new sites that are constantly being released into the market, it does not necessarily mean that they are efficient and good enough to be recommended to you. That is why we have a guide that allows you to look at specifics that are important to you, so that you can find a new casino that is a perfect match for you and your tastes and preferences.

Our New Casinos Criteria

There is a lot that goes into our research on new casinos and that criteria. We take a look at the consumer trends of what players want and what they are signing in to play, and then from this we are able to come up with a list of new online casinos that we feel can offer the best experience for you. All of the casinos that you see listed are recommendable for their own and also many different reasons.

Here are the different elements of a new casino that we consider in order to see whether or not it is recommendable to you:

  • Licensing: The licensing of the casinos is massively important to us. The safety of players is always put first and we will only recommend casinos that implement this. We ensure that the casinos we showcase to you are licensed under a gambling commission, so that you are safe as a customer and also the casino is suitable to play at, none of the bonuses will be misleading.
  • Casino Games: The games that the new online casino can offer customers is also a huge aspect of our guide. The more games, the better and also the quality of games is important. The newer casinos tend to offer new games, that have innovative graphics, visuals and features. This is one of the reasons why customers look towards new casinos, so we want to be able to showcase a casino that can offer this.
  • Software: There are a lot of different casino software’s in the industry, most of which are extremely high quality, but of course, some are better than others. We look at the software that is offered in the casino, both what the casino runs off itself and also the games software, which companies are included in the game’s aspect. The ones with the best software will be our top recommendation.
  • Bonuses: This is something that most people will jump straight to and is possible the only thing that a lot of players will consider. The casino bonuses are important for a number of reasons, which most players that enjoy them will already know., We recommend not only the most rewarding in terms of bonus funds and free spins, but also the ones that have the most lenient terms and conditions.
  • Payment: There are a lot of different payment methods that are accepted in the casino industry, however not many new online casinos include them all. The more payment methods that a casino allows, the better. If you are a customer that uses an e-wallet or a pre-paid card, you run the risk of not being able to use it at particular online casinos, this is why we try to recommend casinos with the most amount of payment options.
  • Pay-Out Rates: The pay-out rate of a casino essentially means how often the casino could pay out to you as a customer, therefore the higher the rate, the better for the customer. This is something we consider for you, as we want you to have the most rewarding experience as possible.

New Online Casinos with No Deposit Bonuses

This is essentially the ultimate bonus that a customer could ask for when looking for a new online casino. A no deposit bonus is a bonus that customers can claim, without having to make a deposit. This is ideal when you are registering at a new casino, because you can use the free bonus funds in order to experience the new casino, so you can built a trust, and then you are able to then deposit your own real money and continue to play at the casino.

No deposit bonuses are quite rare to find, they are the least popular bonus that a casino offers, however they are not impossible to find. These types of offers are not as rewarding as deposit bonuses, but at the same time you do not have to dedicate your own money or deposit your own money, like with a deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is enough to be able to experience a new casino and build an opinion on whether it is good enough or not for you to play at.

It is not just the no deposit bonuses to be on the lookout for. New online casinos do tend to offer more rewarding casino bonuses than experienced casinos, whether it is no deposit, or not. Another type of bonus that you can find is a deposit bonus. These are the most rewarding type of bonus in the sense that you can claim the most in bonus funds, you can receive hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. New online casinos can be more competitive by using bonuses. This is the easiest way to do so and to attract new players. New US casinos try to offer higher bonuses than experienced casinos to stop customers using other competitors and to try to build a customer base before lowering the welcome bonus.

There are other types of bonuses that you can claim, which will be more rewarding than a standard casino, for example a free spins bonus, a cashback bonus, and more.

New Casino Games

Playing at a new online casino can often mean that you are exposed to the newest online casino games, which is really good. Of course, the newest casinos do not just offer new games and that is it, they will also include the most popular casino games, which include table games, live dealer games and also the best slot games, which can include games like Starburst. Offering new games is a way in which casinos can differentiate themselves from other, more experienced casinos. You may find that at a new casino, you are introduced to new software developers and new games that may not be found at more experienced casinos, so you are almost able to find hidden gems.

These games can include new features. One feature that is slowly starting to be introduced is VR casino games. VR stands for virtual reality and is a new feature in not just the casino industry, but every industry, like gaming in general. In the gambling industry, you can play VR slots, and also VR table games, like blackjack and roulette. This is the ultimate casino experience that we currently have, it is the closest we have to playing in a land casino, except being in the comfort of your own home. You can genuinely feel like you are in the world of a casino.

Casino Software

The software that is used in a new online casino will reflect how good the casino is in terms of gaming experience. The more software that is included in a casino, the better your experience because each developer has their own unique features and excellent game choices. It is good to have a mix of the best and most experienced software developers in new online casinos, but also newer ones that can bring new games and new features within these games to our screens. Examples of software developers to be on the lookout for include Netent, Microgaming, Booming Games and more.


The payment options are always an important aspect to consider. New online casinos typically struggle to offer as many different choices as an experienced casino, therefore you need to be extra careful to ensure that the casino you want to register with, can provide you with the payment method that you want to use.

The typical types of payment options are card payments, all casinos will accept this, therefore you typically don’t have to worry if you are using Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. Ones that are less accepted are the likes of American Express. Other payment methods that are accepted are e-wallets, methods like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller are all types of e-wallets. However, these e-wallets are not always accepted at every US casino, therefore if you plan to use one, you should check first. We try to recommend new online casinos that will offer you the widest variety of methods.

There are a few different new trends emerging in terms of payments. One of them being cryptocurrency. Casinos are starting to slowly accept cryptocurrency as a way to withdraw and deposit funds, which is something that some casinos straight up just won’t accept. Examples of these currencies include Bitcoin and Ethereum. You are probably fed up of hearing about the likes of Bitcoin, but yes, it is accepted.


There are different methods of support that a casino can use to assist players. These support methods are important if you have a betting issue or query. This is a very easy way for new online casino sites to be competitive. Customer service is massively important and can actually affect whether or not a customer decided to return to that casino. The most common types of payment methods include live chat, email and telephone support. Due to the casino not being as big as the most experienced ones, then there will be some disadvantages typically in comparison. These disadvantages could be limited support methods or support that is not available 24/7.

New Online Casinos FAQs

Why choose a new online casino instead of the most popular casinos?

There are advantages to both types of casinos. But for reasons as to why you should consider choosing a newer online casino, you have the chance to find hidden gems. By this, we mean lucrative bonuses that no one else can match, new games which come with new bonus features, new gameplay features and better visuals and also the interface of the casino itself, it may have modern aesthetics.

Are new online casinos safe?

This is a common worry for players, rest assured, new casinos are safe. The casinos that you find here are all licensed under a gambling commission, which ensures that they abide by strict laws in place to keep players safe. Do not play at a casino if it is not licensed.

Are bonuses better than established US casinos?

Not necessarily, but it is a common trait that we have noticed. Some casinos want to try and attract new players quickly, therefore they will produce a very competitive bonus for customers to claim. However, it is not guaranteed. The casinos that we showcase to you, have excellent bonuses for you to claim and are some of the best in the industry.

Do newer casinos pay-out?

Yes, the newer casinos that we offer to you will pay you winnings that you achieve. All of the casinos here will do so.