Casino Software

The competitiveness and excellence of some software providers often goes amiss. The software providers within a casino, play a crucial part in the excitement and the experience that a player can get from a particular casino. That is why, we have a list of the best casino software in US casinos, so that you can see which casinos include the most.

Best Software Providers

There are lots of features that the best software providers have, which make them the best. The best software will be the most user friendly, most exciting, most beneficial and fastest. These are just a few traits that the developers will have, and here are some software developers that perfectly match that description.


Betsoft are an extremely fast-growing software developer in the online casino industry. Their claim to fame is their excellent selection of 3D slot games. This really innovated the slot industry and made Betsoft shoot up the rankings of developers and made them heavily competitive. The 3D and cinematic experience really enhance your gaming experience and takes it to the next level. It is one of those features that you don’t know you need until you experience it, then once you do experience it, you want more and more of it. The graphics of a slot game can seriously ruin it as a whole, therefore investing time and money into Betsoft slots gives you the reassurance that this won’t happen.

It isn’t just slot games that Betsoft offer, they also have a range of excellent table games for customers to try out. These games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and more. Betsoft software and games are also available on mobile devices. They have implemented instant play software, as well as also having a downloadable version.


Realtime Gaming is an experienced software developer that was established back in 1998. This is another developer that has seen substantial growth over the years. They are most renowned for having the fastest games that are very efficient. They provide an excellent range of games, from slot games, table games, craps, and more. It is so easy to play games using their instant play software and also download their official software for more up to date facts and figures.

They are extremely safe and reliable. They have multiple barriers of safety included in their software, which includes 128-bit encoring and also SSL encryption. You can play their games instantly through a web browser or casino app. Their games are also mobile optimised; therefore, you do not have to resort to a desktop device to play the games, you can simply pull out your smartphone and enjoy through your phone.


Experienced casino players shouldn’t be any strangers to Microgaming, they are one of the biggest and most popular software developers in the industry. They have a huge gaming library that consists of over 800 casino games. They guarantee customers at least 2 new titles at least every month. Microgaming have been around since 1994, which shows their level of authority. Microgaming have an excellent software that they have released, known as the “Viper” software. This particular software features several bonuses and other benefits. Some of these benefits include game stats, strategy interface, and much more.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment are also considered one of the best in the business. They are a software developer that have a trophy cabinet stacked with awards, which prove their credentials. They have one of the most exciting ranges of casino games. Whether it is slot games, table games, or live casino games, Netent do not fail to deliver. Netent is in fact one of the most well-known software and are a go to selection.

Netent themselves are a little younger than their main competitor Microgaming. Netent were established back in 1996. They focus on offering the ultimate gaming experience for customers to enjoy. Net entertainment operates in some of the biggest casinos around the world.

Play’N Go

Play’N Go are an excellent choice of software developer that have produced some of the most popular slot games that we play today. In comparison to competitors, they are one of the most recent to become one of the best, having been founded in 2004. They have around 100 different games that have been made in a range of different languages for customers all over the world to enjoy.

Although there are not a lot of casino games, they have been made in high-quality and it is clear to see that a lot of effort and cost has gone into these games.

Why Quality is Important in Casino Games

It seems fairly obvious as to why quality is important in casino games, and you are right, it is obvious. There are a lot of different perks and advantages. When you are there faced with a range of casinos and casino games, it can often be very hard to decide which platform to play on and what games to play.

All of the casino software that you find recommended to you at Casinos Corner, all come with both downloadable software and also instant play software. This allows you to enjoy instant play games through your web browser. There are ways in which you can get the most out of the casino games and play games that are going to offer endless entertainment. These will most likely be offered by the best and most trusted software developers.

  • The graphics of the casino games are most important. The better the graphics, the more understanding a game is and the more it can be enjoyed. With better graphics, you enjoy the finer details of a game and appreciate it more.
  • The interface and speed of the games and the casinos is important. The games need to be easy to navigate and also fast at loading. No player wants to play a game that is buffering or is slow.
  • The themes and bonus features are also an important. New themes and ideas are constantly being released into the slot industry. This is needed in order to keep the market fresh with ideas.

Evaluating Casino Software

There are a lot of features that our experts monitor in order to determine just how good a software is. These are often the similar factors that other sites take a look at and are the reasons as to why some are ranked better than others.


Cross-compatibility is massively important and needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to casino software and games. This is what helps software to be at the top of its game and therefore it is a necessity. In an industry that is shifting more towards mobile gaming, therefore, all casino games need to be applicable on mobile devices, this is what cross-compatibility is, it is allowing games to be playable on desktop and mobile devices.

With the excellent mobile technology that we have, this is certainly possible and due to the latest mobiles being very technologically advanced, they can actually be more enjoyable than the desktop version.

Types of Software

There are 2 types of software that customers are able to enjoy, there is the downloadable casino software and then also the browser casino software.

The downloadable software is not as commonly used and customers do not like to use these very often, however, if you are to use them, you must meet a certain criterion. The downloadable software allows you to access more games and a more in-depth experience.

The browser casino software means that you do not need to download anything, and you can just simply play the casino games straight away through the browser. This can also be done on mobile devices, games can be simply streamed and played through a browser or mobile app.

Casino Game Variety

Different software providers have a different amount of casino games for customers to enjoy. At the end of the day you are there to play the games and therefore the better the games are in your opinion, the more you will approve and rate the software. Customer tastes and preferences change all of the time when it comes to online gaming.

New games are always being released which boost the portfolio of software developers. For example, new slot themes which might be related to events that have been happening in real life, then there are the seasonal slots that creep up, like Halloween, Christmas, etc.

A lot of the top developers have a long list of different casino games for customers to enjoy. They can tend to have hundreds of different games, and it is not just slot games that they offer, it is table games and more. The more games that a software offers, the more customers they can target because they are able to add different bonus types, pay outs, themes and more. So, a developer can target animal lovers with animal slots and also confident players with the jackpot games.


This is often a factor that is dismissed and not really considered. The soundtrack of a game can has big effect in setting the scene and really allowing the customers to get involved in the slot. For example, if you have a Halloween slot, you want some spooky music to help set the mood. Of course, if you do not enjoy the audio, you can always mute it.


The safety of a casino is massively important and should be at the forefront of customers minds. It is alright having all these excellent bonuses to choose from, but you need a safe place to deposit your funds and spend your bonuses at. All of the casinos that you find here are safe and secure and the software developers only work with licensed casinos, which ensure customer details are safe and that it is a fair casino.

How Do Software Developers Work?

There are different ways in which software developers function and create their games. There is the correct approach and way in which you should do so, and then also the most ancient way of doing things which doesn’t necessarily have much appeal.

You can do things the old way and make games that are just suitable for computers. There was a time where mobiles could not handle the technology of slot games and therefore you were not able to access online slots on mobile. Slot machines used to be coded with flash, which is a software made by Adobe and it produced some excellent slot games.

Now that technology has advanced, we have been able to experience HTML5 technology, which allows these types of games to be made in better quality, ore crisp and smoother. Now that the market is shifting towards mobile, developers are having to make their games mobile optimised without a second thought.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions in regards to casino software.

Is it safe to download casino software?

Casinos software is extremely safe to download. All of the casino software that you see here at Casinos corner is safe and we would certainly recommend to you. They are coded with SSL encryption, which means that customers and their details are safe.

Do I need to download software to play games?

You do not need to download software in order to play casino games. You can play instant play casino games on a web browser and also on mobile apps, which means that no software has to be downloaded. However, if you wish, you will still be able to download some software.

Where can I download the software?

You can download the software from the best online casinos. Also, from the software websites themselves. The only issue with the software is that it could potentially take up quite a lot of RAM space, which to some people could be an inconvenience. If this is going to be an issue to you, then you will be better off playing at a casino that has games which require no downloads.

Is online casino software rigged?

The simple answer to this is no. There is no way in which the casino software can be possibly rigged, and its licensing supports this. The software is monitored in order to make sure that customers can have a safe betting experience. There are a lot of testing processes that they are put through.

What platforms can the casino software be downloaded on?

You can download the software on both Windows and Mac. Not all software will be compatible with Mac, which is a shame. However, there is still a list of software which will be able to be downloaded on Mac.

Which software is the best?

Of course, this is a matter of opinion. We will be able to assist you in your decision making by pointing out the advantages of each software. There are so many developers that are excelling in the market and also trying to enter the market, therefore it makes it very difficult to decide which one is best. It is down to your tastes and preferences. What we can do is list the ones in which most people are fond of.