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Video Poker machines were first introduced in early 1970s and can be seen becoming popular with all the online casinos today, with players enjoying it from all over the world. Slightly resembling the Slots machines, Video Poker is one of those games where a player needs to possess an element of skill, in order to win.

The game is quite simple and starts with player clicking on insert money button and then again clicking on bet button. Player can either bet $1 or can bet maximum up to $5, depending upon his own skills and expertise of the game. Once the money has been inserted and bet has been made, the real challenge begins when player clicks on ‘Deal’ or ‘Draw’ button. On clicking on Deal/Draw button, five random cards are placed on the screen in front of the player.

The objective is quite clear. The player has to make a winning hand of five cards that resemble at least one of the winning combinations given on the screen, such as Royal Flush, Four of Kind or Jacks or Better.

When the five randomly chosen cards by random-number-generator are placed on the screen, it’s up to the player whether to continue with the game with original five cards or to replace all or few of them with new ones. Player can replace one or more than once card by clicking on given ‘Hold’ button below that card. Once player has clicked on ‘Hold’ button and decided which card to discard, he must click on ‘Deal/Draw’ button again to get the new card/cards.

The hand given to player after replacing unwanted cards with new ones is the final hand on which the outcome of the game is decided. If the final hand meets any of the winning combination, the player wins the bet.