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Slots is all about forgetting an entire day’s stress and playing at an online casino, without worrying about the strategies and mind work you might have to put in, to win. Famous as one of the most fun, easy and entertaining casino games, Slots is a game based mostly on luck.

The game of Slots starts with a player choosing a suitable Slots machine. He then inserts money in the machine by clinking on the “Insert Money” button. Now comes the Betting part, where the player has to click on the Bet button “Play One Credit”. Player who wants bet more than the minimum Bet has to click on the button more than once.

Once the player has selected the amount of Bet he is going to make, he now has to click on the ‘Push’ or ‘Lever’ button to start the spinning the reels.

The objective of Slots Machine is simply to get a reel combination that matches one of the winning combinations on the payout table. A player wins according to the combination he has achieved.