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Omni Casino launches Olympics Slots Tournament

 28th Aug , 2011

Although, the summer Olympics are not started in London but Omni Casino has launched their own edition for the players. The online casino has offered the highest every prize amount for the event i.e. $12,498. This event will be starting in the mid of the next month and will go till the month end. The Opening Ceremonies Point Booster is scheduled for 13 days.

Omni Olympics’ format is pretty much similar with the mega slots tournaments which were organized earlier at the online casino. It will not make a difference whether the player is a high roller or a low bettor; every player enjoys a chance of winning a great prize. The participation for the slot tournament is free of cost and automatic. This will begin as soon as the players start wagering for the chosen slot games at the online casino. The games which are chosen are 15 payline to 30 payline slots at Omni Casino. The players have the flexibility of joining the tournament anytime they want, but if they start earlier it would be better for them.

For every real money spin for any chosen slot game, the players will be earning one tournament spin point. Depending on the overall tournament points which will be earned by the players, they will be ranked accordingly.

The Opening Ceremonies Point Booster will be facilitating the players to strengthen their previous balance of the tournament points they will be carrying to the Omni Olympics. The total wagers of the players for the 13 days which lies between five thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars stay carry forward thousand tournament points. These points should be taken very seriously by the players and plays a very important role.  

There is a new feature introduced by Omni Casino and that is $100 and $300 Hurdles Prize Booster. If the players successfully manage to hurdle past 74,000 or more or more for the complete tournament, the players will be provided with an additional 100 points. As per Omni Casino, Spin 125,000 and enjoy winning an additional three hundred.

There are 2 questions by The Omni Times for this week. All those members who have successfully made a deposit of four hundred dollars or more in the previous month, they are entitled for a free bonus of $24. Playtech powers Omni Casino.