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Virgin Casino online released new video poker games

 20th July , 2011

Virgin Casino has released new set of video poker games after a long time. The newly launched variations are from Microgaming group which can be accessed via QuickFire platform.  Aces and Eights is the 1st from the newly released variants. The game is distinguished with high payout for Aces or Eights hand rankings.It successfully pays out 70 coins for each wagered coin. Four of a Kind is also having an exclusive payout of 40 coins for each wagered coin.

These augmented payouts became feasible with the cutting down of the payout of the residual Four of a Kind hands to 10 coins for each wagered coin. For Flush and Full House, the payouts were also reduced slightly. The payout table has been yanked for providing the players with a return of 99.08 percent.
The players will be experiencing the standard Microgaming features while playing Aces and Eights video poker at Virgin Casino. The players have the flexibility of wagering with up to five coins for each hand. The players making a wagering with five coins enjoy a major advantage for the Royal Flush. Microgaming video poker gamble game is also accessible in Aces and Eights. This facilitates the players to make an attempt and get a chance to double their payouts if they are interested. The size of the coin varies from 0.24 credits to 5.00 credits. The lowest bet along with one coin wagered is 0.24 credits. With four coins wagered, the highest bet is 24.00 credits. At the highest bet, the jackpot is twenty thousand credits.

Bonus Deuces Wild is the name of the 2nd video poker game at Virgin Casino. This variant is different from the standard Jacks or Better. The wild cards are the 2s and the game is having exclusive payouts for particular poker hand rankings. The players will be paid 750 coins for each wagered coin by Natural Royal Flush apart from when four wagered coins. In that case, the jackpot payout is 4,000 coins. The next payouts for each wagered coin are 350 coins for Four Deuces along with an Ace, 150 coins for Four of a Kind, for Five of a Kind it is 75 coins, it is 40 coins for Five of a Kind, for Wild Royal Flush it is 24 coins, and 16 coins for Five of a Kind. For the player of Double Deuces Wild, the return to the player is 99.14 percent.