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A middle aged man won a $128, 734 jackpot at Slotland.com

 21st  June , 2011

Last week, a middle aged man successfully won a jackpot worth $128, 734 at Slotland.com. After winning this amount, he said that he will be using this amount to pay for the college education of his daughter. All those players who have been playing online slot machines at Slotland for at least one year have successfully managed to win huge payout while playing online slot machine called Witch’s Brew.

The jackpot winner known as RMP 1956, said that his daughter is about to start her college and he and his wife are quite worried as how they are going to meet the expenses. He said that without education there is nothing but nowadays it has become so costly. But now after winning this amount they don’t have to worry about it.  

Witch’s Brew is a confusing single pay line slot machine where the players will be seeing the magic boil of the witch on their screens. The players have the flexibility of betting as minimum as $0.45 or as high as $4.00 so as to see what is there in her store. While playing the game, jam pots gets filled up and start boiling. The witches who are hidden, they activate wild symbols as per the flavor of the running jam. The boiling pots of jam help in triggering more than 1 wild symbol, raising the odds of spinning a winning combination.    

Slotland is one of the online casinos that he really trusts. The games here are fun to play and they are easy to understand. He had never played the game until the night he actually won the jackpot while playing. He said that he really likes to see cauldrons boiling and especially when all 7 wild symbols are active. He added that he also likes cute animated black cat which meows on regular intervals. Above all, the 6 figured payout is the best.  

Mr. Michael, who is the manager of Slotland.com said that it is quite funny that majority of the players have a much loved game which they love to play as compared to the others. But the jackpot winners seem to winning big but not playing their usual games but with playing different games. Luckily, they are constantly including new games, so the players can always try out something different if they desire.

There are times when the jackpot climbs to $200K but the standard jackpot win is around $130,000. For more than 12 years, Slotland.com has been providing the best of slot machines and video poker games. Slotland is not a download casino. There are more than 20 instant play casino games and the best thing is that none of them can be found at any other online casino.

At Slotland after the win, the progressive jackpot was reset at $50,000. It is already more than $60,000 and it is increasing at a swift pace. In the meantime, at the sister casino of Slotland, WinADayCasino.com the jackpot is more than $170,000 and it due for a major win.