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A fun game, Keno impresses every player who enjoys playing Lottery and Bingo games as well. Though the game of Keno was introduced in China by an Emperor for raising funds for his troops, soon the game became a popular mode of entertainment which had a lot of excitement and money to win in it.

Playing Online Keno is easy as well as entertaining, and its game play keeps a player hooked to the screen, even if he hasn’t been lucky in his first attempt. The game play for Keno is basically to choose a few numbers from the online Keno number board displayed on your screen, bet on them, and match them with the numbers selected by the online casino on the Keno board.

Online Keno game starts with a player picking up numbers of his choice from the given 80 numbers on the online Keno screen board. In some online casinos, a player also gets choice of allowing the casino to pick the numbers for him. This can be done by clicking a button like “Automatic Deal 10 Numbers”.

Once the numbers have been selected by the player, the next step is Betting, which can be done by clicking on the Bet buttons given on the screen. Now, the online casino presents 20 randomly chosen numbers on the screen and if few of those winning numbers match with the numbers chosen by the player, the game ends and players wins according to the payout table of the casino site.

The Player can take the money and leave the game or click on ‘Repeat Bet’ button and continue the game with the same or a different betting amount.