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It is quiet common to think no Tips are required for a game as simple Roulette, where all one has to do is choose a number and wait, to see if the little ball spins and comes to rest at that numbered slot. However, what many casino players forget to notice is that, any casino game whatsoever, has certain tips and strategies which if followed can lead to a sure shot win. Here are a few such tips on how to win a game of Roulette:

  • If you are new to the world of online Roulette game, then the most important tip would be to first play at online casinos that offer free Roulette games. Playing on free Roulette site not only improves your game play, but also gives you an idea of bets involved in the game of Roulette.
  • Getting a quick grasps of Roulette table format is also important before you try your luck with the spinning wheel.
  • Always play on reputed and accredited online casino sites to ensure honest and fair play.
  • When betting on Roulette, it is advisable that you bet only on outside bets like Odd Bet, Even Bet, Red Bet, Black Bet, Columns, Dozens, High or Low Bet. Betting outside is always considered safer and increases the winning probability.
  • Prefer playing European Roulette, as the double zero in American Roulette increases advantage on casino site.
  • Lastly, always hold back your winning and play a new Roulette game with your original bet. In other words, when you have won $100 after starting the game from the original amount of $25, withdraw the winning amount in to your account and enjoy the profit. Now start the new game with the original stake.