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Video Poker

What all casino players need to understand is that no casino game comes with a winning manual attached to it. Nor are there any guaranteed ways to get you a sure shot win. But the best that all the casino players can get are a few veteran tips from some of the avid casino players.
Following are some of the best Video Poker tips, which will help the Video Poker fans to play better and safe as well.

  • As a new player must start with free play and when ready to play with real money, it is advisable that you pick machine that has lower denomination.
  • Know all about different card hands. Though the combinations are given on screen, a knowledge on possible hands comes in handy when you have to make decision like which card to ‘Hold’ and which one to replace, in order to make a winning hand.
  • There are different video poker machines available on different casino sites and if you are still not a professional choose either Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.
  • Do not draw four cards when you can draw three to get a Royal Flush.
  • When you can draw one card to get straight flush, do not break a Flush. Similarly, if you are about to draw to get Royal, do break a Flush.
  • When going for a four-card draw, get rid of a ten.
  • Since the game is played against a random-generator controlled machine, take all your time and do not waste time on creating strategies.
  • Playing video poker with jacks or better machine that offers 6 coins for Flush and 9 for Full house is a good idea.
  • Leave the game when you are out of your set limit amount, even if you are winning. You must not always take risks, especially when you are still new to Video Poker.