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Blackjack is a game played between the online casino and a player. Being all about creating a hand that values Twenty-One or closest to it, whoever is the first to make a hand closest to or an exact 21, wins the game of Blackjack! In Blackjack, losing and winning depends on the cards drawn and betting is the only thing a player can do. Although blackjack has higher percentage of luck involved than skills, there are still few things that can be taken care of, to enhance the winning probability.

  • Start the game when you have set a bankroll you want to play with.
  • If required first practice on free online blackjack games, to warm up with the rules involved.
  • Walk away when your bankroll is getting low, even when your blackjack is going good, as you never know if the next round is going to be as lucky as your previous blackjack rounds.
  • Major strategy involved in blackjack is Card Counting, thus learn all about it. Card counting will help in decisions like Hit or Stand.
  • Do not draw another card if your hand total is around 18 or 19, as this might risk your probably bright winning position.
  • Never opt for the Insurance bet, especially if you are a new Blackjack player.