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Although Baccarat is a game of luck with player betting on Banco, Punto or Tie, there are always a few things to take care of, in order to play the game smartly. Baccarat Tips tell you the best way to avoid making any silly mistakes, while playing Baccarat.

  • It is advisable that you play free online baccarat before trying hand at real-money game of baccarat in a virtual
  • Since baccarat is more like blackjack, where cards drawn decide the course of the game, it is better to play with less card decks to increase the winning probabilities.
  • Do not avoid betting on Banco just because it costs 5% of tax.
  • When you are sure of your game and skills, betting on Punto would earn you higher winnings because of higher house edge.
  • Try to avoid betting on ‘Tie’, as the chances of both banker and player getting same cards are rare.
  • Since Baccarat is all about luck factor, do not waste time on making strategy or believing that any one of the three betting areas has a better chance of coming.
  • Make sure you quit on time and avoid losing all your game money on your first day of Baccarat.
  • Betting is the only thing that is in hand of a player, so bet with care. Don’t bet more than you can afford to.