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Online Slots is a simple game where you have to bet and click on the ‘Push/Button’ and wait for the spinning reels to stop at the winning combination. Although the game of Slots is easy, it is quite important to have an idea of different rules involved in it, to make sure that you have made the right bet.

  • There are different kinds of Slots games like 3 reel Slots, 5 reel Slots, Feature Slots, Bonus Slots and MegaSpin Slots. Each game has its own rules and requirements.
  • Payout Line is a series of symbols or signs that give rise to a winning combination.
  • In Slots payout lines can be either diagonal or horizontal depending upon the game or machine.
  • Depending upon the kind of Slots being played, there can be more than one payout line in one game.
  • Betting has to be done by clicking on the Bet button.
  • Some casinos also have a “Max Bet” button, which on clicking allows the player to bet on the maximum bet limit allowed in the particular casino or machine.