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Roulette is a simple and attractive Table game found in every web-based and land-based casino. However, being one of the simple casino games does not mean that Roulette is a child’s play all the way. It surely has its own challenges and rules to master, in order to guarantee yourself a win.

  • Roulette wheel has up to 36 numbers to choose from and player has liberty of choosing any number he wants.
  • Roulette has two main bets involved in it, Inside Bet and Outside Bet.
  • Player can either bet on all red or all black numbers, where if the ball stops on any red number player who has bet on red wins the bet.
  • Betting on Odd or Even means, player can bet either on all even numbers or on odd numbers. For example, if you have bet on Even numbers and the ball stops on even number like 2 you win, whereas if the ball stops on an odd number like 7 you lose.
  • Other betting options are corner, row or two rows, where if the number on which ball stops comes under the are of your chosen bet, you win Roulette.
  • Similarly, bet can also be made on numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 and so on.
  • Roulette also allows a player to bet on first 12, second 12, or third 12 numbers and if the ball stops on your chosen bet, you win!