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What makes Online Keno more fun than any other casino game is the fact that, it does not require any skills, big strategies or calculations. Keno is basically an ultimate entertainment, where a player has to simply pick numbers of his choice based on his preference and bet. The rules for playing online Keno are also easy to understand and are as follows:

  • Minimum and maximum numbers to be chosen by a player vary from casino to casino
  • Most of the casino sites have 10 or 20 has their maximum number limit, for a player to play with.
  • Some sites also offer an option where the players can ask the casino to pick numbers for them.
  • There are no particular rules for choosing the numbers, thus a player can pick numbers as per his own choice.
  • The more the numbers match, the greater are the chances of winning
  • And when a player’s chosen number match a number on keno screen board, it is called ‘Hit’.
  • Bets play an important role and a player can bet by clicking on the bet buttons like “Play One” or “Play Five”.
  • Every casino site has its own payout conditions. Some casinos might pay a player on matching minimum 5 numbers and some might pay on matching minimum 4 numbers.
  • Clicking on ‘Repeat Bet’ helps a player in playing the same bet again.
  • Three major bets in a game of Keno are Straight Ticket, King Ticket and Combination Ticket.