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Craps is popular game where the fate of a player depends upon the bets made and the dices rolled on the Craps table. Although the game of online Craps is played with a player betting and the casino rolling the dices, the key part of this game is the bets made, as each bet has it owns rules.

Craps is a complicated dice game with different bets involved in it, which is why, taking help from different tips and strategies designed for the game of Craps always proves helpful.

  • Craps is played with two dices and thus, from 2 to 12, any number can come on the rolls.
  • Every first roll of Craps is called Come Out Roll
  • Come Out Roll signifies start of a new game or round in the game
  • The most common and widely played bet is Pass Line Bet
  • In Pass Line Bet, getting a 7 or 11 in Come Out Roll means a straight victory
  • Getting a 2 or 3 or 12 in a Pass Line Bet means end of the game and bet loss
  • When a player gets any number other than 7,11,2,3, or 12, ( such as 4,5,6,8,9 or 10) the number rolled is called a ‘Point’
  • In Pass Line Bet, once the Point is rolled the dice has to be rolled again till the same number comes or till the point is regained.
  • If a 7 or 11 is rolled after a Come Out Roll in Pass Line Bet, the player loses the bet.
  • 7 or 11 do not hold the same importance as in Come Out Roll when the dice are rolled for regaining Point number.
  • Other popular bets involve in a game of Craps are Odds On Pass Line Bet, Come Bet, Odds On Come Bet, Don’t Pass Line Bet, Don’t Come Bet, Place Bets, Fields Bet, Big Six and Big Eight Bets and Preposition Bets.
  • Different bets in Preposition bets are Any Craps, Any Seven, Eleven, Ace Deuces, Aces or Boxcars, Horn Bet and Hardways.
  • It is important for a player to understand the Craps table and the bet format, in order to play the game without error.