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Blackjack is quite different from other card games played in casinos across the world. It’s simple yet tricky. This game is a well-knitted combination of chance and skills. Rules in Blackjack are quite easy to get and it takes no effort for one to master them. Blackjack also has many different variants to it, with each variant having its own rules.

The main objective in this popular card game is simply to make a winning hand that is 21 in value or as closest to it as possible. Following are some of the other main Blackjack Rules.

  • All cards in blackjack, from 2 to 9, are counted as their own value, while cards like 10, king, queen and jack are counted as ten.
  • Ace is counted either as one or eleven, depending upon the player’s choice.
  • Only player gets two face cards, while the dealer’s second card is closed and gets open only once player is done with his game.
  • A player can either ‘Hit’ and draw another card or can ‘Stand’ and let the dealer begin with its game play.
  • In game of blackjack, player gets option of ‘double, where he can double the amount of bet and can draw only one third card.
  • Player can also ‘surrender’ and quit from the game, where he gets half of his bet back.
  • Dealer gets to open its third card once the player has decided to hit or stand.
  • By the count of rule, dealer must stand if the total of its two cards is 17 or above, while the third must be drawn if the total of first two cards is 16 or less.
  • Whoever gets a 21 in first two card hand is one to make a Blackjack and win instantly.
  • Card Counting plays a major role in Blackjack