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Baccarat is a classic card game from 17th century that got its name from an Italian word, which means Zero. This popular card game has a close resemblance to another highly played card game called Blackjack, with each player receiving two cards. Unlike Blackjack, Baccarat does not involve any type of card counting strategy or trick.

Once mastered, Baccarat rules can help a player make the right decision. Often a large share of winning and losing depends upon the game rules, as players who are not aware of card values or third card rules end up getting confused. Rules on which the game of Baccarat runs are as follows:

  • Player can bet either on Banker’s hand (Banco), Player’s hand (Punto) or on Tie. The hand that scores more is usually the winner.
  • Tie is a situation when both player’s hand and banker’s hand have cards with same value.
  • Cards from 2 to 9 are counted as their own value, while Face cards have no value and are counted as Zero.
  • Aces are valued as 1.
  • If the total of the 2 cards is more than 9, then the digit on the right of the total is considered. For example, if the total of 2 cards comes out to be 14, it would be considered as 4.
  • If any of the two, the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand, gets cards with a total of 8 or 9, it is considered as a Natural hand, making it an instant Win for the one who has scored it, and therefore, the player who had bet on it.
  • If the player’s hand has scored a value of 6 or above 6, then whoever has a higher value hand from among the Player or the Banker, but lesser than 9, wins the game.
  • If the player’s hand has scored a total of 5 or less than 5, then the player can draw a third card.
  • The third card rules from the Banker, depends on the third card of the Player.