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An ultimate game of Dice Rolling, online Craps is a fast-moving and exciting casino game with lots of thrill involved in it. While online Craps might not have yelling casino players surrounding the table, it surely has its own advantages such as easy understanding of the game play and rules.

Craps is a challenging game to play and involves varieties of bets for player to choose from. Each bet has its own rules, but the most common bet played by players is Come Pass Bet.

Though there are many bets in a single game of Craps, the main game play for all of them is almost the same. The main game play is that the player decides the bet, and the casino throws the dices on the online Craps table, which can be seen displayed on your screen.
The objective and the rules of the game of Craps, however, vary from one bet to another. 
The most common bet is the Come Pass Bet, where the player bets on Come Pass Bet Line and the casino rolls two dices. The objective here is, to either get the winning number 7 or 11 in the Come Out Roll, or else, to get a Point number and repeat the Point number again.

If the Come Out Roll fails to bring the winning numbers and instead throws the unwanted numbers 2, 3 or 12, the game ends, and the player loses. Also, if Come Out Roll gives a Point number, the dices are rolled again and again, till the Point number is repeated.