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Blackjack is one of the widely played casino card game and is also popular with names like Pontoon or ‘Twenty one’. With an early public appearance somewhere in 1960s, Blackjack has come a long way with becoming one of the major games with online casinos.
What sets online Blackjack apart from other online casino games is the simplicity in the game play as well as the challenge of card counting. Blackjack involves luck along with skill factor that makes it more fun to play.

Blackjack is a game where the aim of the player is to get a card hand with total of 21 or closest to it as compared to casino’s hand.

The online game of Blackjack starts with player making a bet, which is minimum $1 and maximum $100. Once the bet has been made, player has to click on ‘Deal’ button and both player and dealer are given two cards each. While the cards of player are face-up or open to everyone, the dealer receives one face up card and one closed or face-down card.
Now the player has three options to choose from, he can either press on ‘Hit’ and draw third card or can press on ‘Stand’ and wait for dealer’s second card to open up, whereas the third option is of clicking on Double.

Once the player has made his decision of clicking any  one out of three options of ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’ or ‘Double’, the game goes to dealer now. It is now the second card or closed card of dealer is open. The dealer can also draw a third card depending upon the total of its first two cards.

In case the first two cards of the player or dealer touch a total of 21, the game ends right there and whoever hit Blackjack becomes an instant winner.