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Bingo is a fairly easy casino game that does not require any major skill or strategy while playing and winning. With a history that goes back to the Era of 1530 in Italy, Bingo today has two popular variants, Bingo-75 also known as American Bingo and Bingo-90 also known as United Kingdom and Australian Bingo.

The Objective in the game of Bingo is simply to match numbers on your number card, with the numbers randomly drawn from by the online casino, while making one of the many different patterns in the game of Bingo.

Both the variants of online Bingo, whether 75-Bingo or 90-Bingo, have almost the same game play and start with players purchasing Bingo cards or strips on the online site. A player can play with one or more than one Bingo card or strip. Once the players have bought themselves a 75 or 90 Bingo card, the casino displays random numbers, and all the players have to match these numbers with the same ones (if any), in their cards, accordingly.

The player who makes a winning pattern before anyone else wins the reward money on that particular pattern. The game continues till all the given patterns are made by the players.