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A popular card game, Baccarat got its name from Italian word Baccara, which means Zero. Baccarat or also known as Punto Banco is widely played in European countries and has variations to it like Chemin De Fer.

The game is played with simple objective of betting on the hand with highest total value than the other. Baccarat or Punto Banco starts with player betting on either bank’s hand or player’s hand. Player can also bet on the third betting area called ‘Tie’, where the player wins if there is a draw between Punto and Banco. Baccarat is played by betting on either of the areas out of Banco, Punto and Tie.

Once the betting is done, both Banker and Player receive two cards each. If any of the card total is eight or nine the game ends, the hand wins and is a ‘Natural’ hand. The game continuous when none of the hands equals to a ‘Natural’ hand and if the player’s hand is above six then, out of Punto and Banco, the hand that has a bigger total is the winner. The third card is drawn, if the player’s hand is five or less than five.