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What is Pass Line bet?

Pass Line bet is the basic and highly popular bet in the game of Craps, one of the most popular Dice games at Casinos. In the game of Craps, most of the online casino traffic is focused on the Pass Line bet. Thus, the easiest way to win or enjoy a game of Craps is to understand the Pass Line bet.

The table format of Craps consists of a betting strip that covers the whole Craps layout. Rules of Pass Line bet are quite easy to understand, which makes the bet more special for you if you are about to play an online Craps for the first time ever.   

Pass Line bet is the smallest bet in game of Craps and is played with two dices. The very first throw of the Pass Line bet is called Come Out Roll, which holds a major importance in the game. Come Out Roll can itself declare a winner or can end the game on one roll of dices.

If the total of first roll of the dices is 7 or 11, player with his money on a Pass Line bet wins the game of Craps instantly. On the other hand, if the dice totals a 2, 3 or 12 on a Come Out Roll the game ends there as the player losses his/her bet. The fact that Come Out Roll plays a decisive factor in the continuation of the game, makes this very first roll of a Pass Line bet in Craps a crucial one.

If the number rolled in a Come Out Roll is not 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12, it is called a Point number. Once a Point is rolled in a Pass Line bet, the dices are rolled again till the Point number comes. For example, if the number rolled is 8, then the dices are rolled again and again till a 9 is rolled.

Another important point that that makes Come Out Roll important  is the fact that if a 7 is rolled before establishing a Point number the player wins, whereas if a 7 is rolled after a Come Out Roll and when a point is rolled, the player can loss the bet.

While there are other bets too, such as Don't Pass Line Bets, Come Bets, Don't Come Bets and more, Pass Line bet has been quite popular and highly played Crap bet since long. When you wish to experience a game of Craps, make sure you start your online Craps journey with a Pass Line bet as your first bet.