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Tips and Tricks for Table Games

The thrill and adventure offered by table games have been the reason for their success among casino players always. With Table games going online, players can easily enjoy a good session of Roulette or Craps while sitting comfortably on the couch of their living room. However, in order to make some good money from the online casino games, one needs much more than skills or luck. They need the right tips and tricks.
Following are some of the best tips and tricks about all the popular Online Casino Table games. So read on…


Firstly, get to know about different types of bets involved in Craps, so that you can play the one that makes winning more easy for you. Always prefer to bet on good bets like Pass Line and Don’t Pass, as these are the bets that offer low house edge and more winning odds. In order to understand the craps table and betting format, play a few free craps game first.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The most important thing to do when thinking of playing Poker is to know about the winning card hand combinations and their rankings. Know which card hand ranks better or which card hand has higher percentage of coming to a player. Give utmost importance to other player’s decisions and card throwing actions. Cards they take or discard helps in guessing when an opponent is bluffing. Do not bluff when there is no need for it.
Understand the different terms involved in Poker, so that you do not get confused and distracted while playing. Know what Call, Raise or Fold mean in Poker and what’s the best time to Fold.


When playing Baccarat, it is important that you know all the third card rules for both Banker’s and Player’s hand. Baccarat is a game of luck, thus take less risk, and never bet on Tie unless you are confident enough to do so. Don’t let the 5% tax on banker’s hand stop you from betting on it, similarly do not keep on betting on player’s hand because of the house edge.


Get familiar with all the terms and rules of Blackjack before you spend your money on it. Find out what a Hit, Stand, Surrender, Insurance, Double and Blackjack mean. Never get too greedy and Hit even when the total of your hand is 17 or 18. Know what’s the best time for Insurance or Double.


In Roulette, bets play a major role. Thus, understand the Roulette table and different kinds of bets involved in it. Prefer a Single-Zero Roulette to increase your winning odds. Prefer to bet on wide range of numbers or more than one number.