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All about Video Poker

Video Poker is the easiest way of enjoying a game of Poker without facing any big decisions like Call, Raise and Fold. However, despite the simplicity involved in the game of Video Poker, there are things you need to know before you begin with a game of Video Poker.

Video Poker has a very interesting similarity to Slot machines, as this game is all about good luck and does not involve any strategy or tactics. Video Poker is your solution to easy Poker gaming.

When starting with Video Poker, make sure you find a reputed online casino for your Video Poker experience. You don’t want to play your game of video poker at a casino that fails to give you your winning amount. Since the only decision that you have to make during a game of video poker is the bet to make, you must know that a good search on casino sites can help you find a casino that has a better Video Poker version.

A game of Video Poker starts when you click on the insert money button to fund your game. Once the money ahs been inserted you have to make a bet which is of minimum $1 and maximum $5, this can be done by clicking on the bet button, for example, if you wish to bet $1 you click once on the bet button and if the bet is $3, then you click thrice on bet button. Most of the casinos offer a Max bet button, for players who wish to make a bet of $5.   

Since a game of Video Poker is all about five cards drawn in random basis and there is nothing much you can do about the cards you are being dealt with, which is why you must give all your attention to the bets you make i.e. whether to bet less or more.

Once the bet has been made, you must click on the Draw or Deal button to get your five random poker cards. When the Draw/Deal button is clicked, the Video Poker screen automatically flashes five cards, which are drawn by an automatic generator, which means that the machine and not the casino site do the probability of a particular card appearing.

A major outcome of the game depends upon the first five cards drawn, as based on the cards available you get to decide the final card hand. The decision to draw more cards is based on the cards you stick with and the cards you discard, to do which, you must click on the Hold button below the cards you need to keep.

The cards drawn by clicking Draw/Deal button again, once you replaced the original card or cards with new ones, forms the final card hand that decides whether you have won or lost.